A line is a dot that's gone for a walk

I mentioned Reggio Emilia Mediopadana train station in a recent blog. Built by Santiago Calatrava and opened in June, it is heaven on earth for line junkies like me. Almost 500 metres long and made of concrete, glass and over 450 white steel frames that are spaced a metre apart, it's this structure that creates the magnificent line fest and reminds me of the Paul Klee's "a line is a dot that's gone for a walk" quote. A walk in the summer sun in this case.  

Take a quick look at this 30 second video on YouTube to get a sense of the place and if you ever need to travel between Bologna and Milan then consider doing the one hour journey with the italo train company. I think they're cheaper than the main operator and you can jump off a third of the way along at Reggio Emilia Mediopadana. Well worth it.  

I'll wrap up with another quote from Paul Klee: "Art does not reproduce the visible; rather, it makes visible ".

(Pictures taken with a Canon 5d Mark III and 70-200 f2.8 lens with minimal processing in Lightroom)