Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you anywhere.
— Albert Einstein

I'm really enjoying photographing metal pillars at the moment. The ones in Metal Beach at Ministract island were taken in Milan and these are of The Peak, a fairly new office block in front of London's Victoria Station. The first picture reminds me of a view from the cliffs above Birling Gap, looking eastwards towards the Seven Sisters.

Earlier today I read a wonderful blog by Rob Hudson - a counterblast against people who talk of "finding some form of artistic transcendence through [landscape] photography". I've added those square brackets because I think the article applies equally to other forms of photography too. Take a read yourself and see what you think. In the meantime, I'll leave you with this excerpt:

"The truth is creativity happens as a result of a ’conversation’ between the conscious and subconscious minds (or however we wish to characterise them) it’s a two way process. We need to feed the conscious mind to stimulate the subconscious. 

"To be truly creative we must find pleasure in creativity itself, not hoping that external elements will lead us down some hoped for path. The path itself is the subject we should be focussing on. Where it leads us should not be confined by such narrow boundaries, romantic notions and self indulgence."

Marvellous words.