Calatrava's Liège-Guillemins station

Liège - a city I'd be happy to visit even if I didn't leave the train station... Built by Santiago Calatrava and opened four years ago, it is an awe-inspiring and uplifting structure. No wonder then that so many articles about it talk of cathedrals... 

"Sistine Chapels are built, and while I don't gander to compare anyone to Michelangelo, I’m willing to bet you will feel the same awesome presence that chapel takes on when walking into Santiago Calatrava's structures. You feel a rush, the adrenaline pulses through you as though your feet are no longer anchored to the ground, that you are elevated up amongst the arcs and then the complicated transverse geometries all of a sudden seem soft like clouds." Carly Erin O'Neil

"To stand under that great white steel shell is to feel the architecture soaring with all the majesty and daring of a gothic cathedral, bound up with notions of speed, of hurtling towards the future."  Jonathan Glancey