It is impossible and dangerously invidious to list everybody who inspires me because for sure I'll forget to mention somebody. So please just take this as a sample of photographers whose work has had a particular impact on me:

  • Chris Friel - The personal web page of a most inspiring, colour-blind photographer who produces his blurred photographs with a tilt shift lens.
  • Fiftyfootshadows - Beautiful words and images from John Carey.
  • Gianni Galassi - English photoblog of a great Italian abstract photographer and friend from Rome. 
  • I used to read books - Great blog of shortform entries by Toni Font from Valencia, reminiscent in style of Haruki Marukami. Check out Toni's great minimal pictures too, on his Flickr page
  • Rita Vita Finzi - Elegant, creative and full of heart - wonderful photography from this stylish Italian photographer.
  • Small Town Inertia - Touching and inspiring social documentary by Jim Mortram - please visit the site and support his important work.
  • Tim Allen - Based in Kent, Tim is a great photographer who, like Jim Mortram, uses his skills for the benefit of the community. 
  • Valda Bailey - Like Chris Friel, Valda is an inspiring photographer who uses ICM and multiple exposures to create the most stunning of images. She finds the dreams in reality.

I'm immensely lucky to have met and befriended five of these people in real life.